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In 1989, on the pedestrian street of Hephaestus Street, the oldest and at the same time most famous commercial street of Athens in Monastiraki , the first MG plus store was created in order to be active in the field of sportswear , footwear and streetwear trade.

The increase in the buying public led us in 2000 to create the second MG plus store. Today the two MG plus stores in a modern and contemporary space of 1000sqm and with a perfectly trained staff will suggest you to help you choose from a range of products from the hottest brands on the market.

For 30 years , MG plus stores, with responsibility and dedication to the best service of their customers and with affordable prices, turn the customer into a "friend" and make him always choose these for his purchases.

Thank you for the years you support us, giving us the strength to continue our course constantly renewed and with thousands of suggestions for all of you!

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